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Best Photo Booth Poses

Posted - 03/15/2012


Practically everyone has a strip of photo booth pictures tucked away in an old scrapbook somewhere. Posing n a photo booth has become a time-honored American tradition. For many long-term couples, a thin strip of photo booth photos represent the first time the duo appear together in a picture. Some of these pictures are surprisingly good; many are terrible. That's why posing is so important.

Photo booth photos are really only headshots. In addition, the prints themselves are small. If you are alone in the shot, position your head in the center of the field. Even being slightly off-center will ruin the shot. Subtle expressions will be lost in a tiny photo booth photo, so offer the camera a nice big grin, exaggerated wink or comical grimace.

If there are two in the shot, crowd together, side by side. The kiss is the classic photo booth shot, but a shot of you both smiling or winking and making a hand signal such as A-OK will make a good print. Photo booth pictures are fun and often make treasured keepsakes. However, nothing beats a real professional portrait to capture the love between a couple or a family's strong bond. Contact a professional photographer to inquire about schedule a sitting.
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