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  • X-Box, PS3, Kinect, and
    Blu-ray gaming parties

Services Available:

  • Custom packages available at special pricing
  • Photo booth & Attendant
  • Entertainment Game Center (PS3, X-Box, Kinect, Wii, Blu-ray movies and Hot Games) 55; & 46; Samsung LED's flat screens.
  • Professional Picture Presentation
  • Disc Jockey Equipment/Rental
  • Dj services

Professional Entertainment Game Center:
We provide X-Box, PS3, Kinnect, Wii, Blu-ray movies and HOT Games with flat screens of 42' 46' and 55' inch Samsung LED's TV's with State of the Art equipment.


  • 2 Attendant s
  • Unlimited photo's
  • On the spot printing 4×6's prints (100% COLOR Photo's)
  • No limit to how many times you can enter the booth!
  • Master Flash drive of all photos taken at event
  • Premium Props (Wigs, Hats, Furs, Flowers, Necklaces and Cool glasses)
  • 24' iMac Picture presentation outside of photobooth during the party
  • Photo Book Album
  • Color Backdrop
  • Custom logo's
  • Music with High end logitech speakers to get your party going!
  • Cell phone compatible to view website
  • Please book your event before it's taken
  • Covering Greater Los Angeles and Orange County


  • Picture Images: Enjoy your event all over again with a Flash drive, full of all high-resolution images taken at your event.
  • Double Prints: Ensures that your guests get a copy of those fun and crazy photos from your event.
  • Photo Memory Book: If you are not able to see all those photos taken this gives you a way to see them all, just like you were there.

Disc Jockey Services or Disc Jockey Equipment Rentals:
We provide Mackie 450 speakers with professional high end Mackie mixer and 2 wireless Shure PA microphones including the Rane 68 mixer and MK5 turntables for best performance and excitement.

Un-wrap the Mystery Gift
Coke and Pepsi Game
Scavenger Hunt
Find Your Match (puzzle)

Balloon Stomp

The balloon stomp is a game that requires balloons, string and a high amount of energy. Each player attaches a balloon to his ankle with string, and then tries to pop everyone else's balloons by stomping on them. The players must stay within a designated area as they try to stomp other balloons while keeping their own balloons from getting popped. The last player with a balloon still inflated wins.

Musical Chairs

This is a great game when it is played with hats too! Pull out every winter, baseball, and cowboy hat in your house. Have enough hats for every kid except one. As the music starts, have each kid put the hat on and pass it to the right.   Each time the music stops, the kid without a hat is out. (DIFFERENT VERSION)
Simon Says, Freeze Dance

Start the game with a gift/prize that is wrapped in several different layers.  Players are required to all come to the middle of the room and form a circle.  The gift starts out with the guest of honor (if more that on gift, example: One gift is given to the quest of honor the other gift is given to another player directly across from the guest of honor), music will start playing and the gift is passed around the circle.  When the music stops the player gets to unwrap one layer of the gift.  Music starts again and the gift continues around the circle and so on until the gift is completely unwrapped.  The player that un-wraps the last layer is the winner and gets to keep the gift/prize.  Different version, when the music stops, the child holding the present gets to keep it. Then they drop out of the game. Start another present around the circle. (FOR SMALL GROUPS).
The Coke and Pepsi game requires that players divide up into two teams, named Coke and Pepsi, and stand on either side of the room facing one another. The person standing across from you on the opposite team is your partner. When a team name is called out, each member of that particular team must run across the floor and sit on his or her partner's knee. The last person to make it across is out.
 Come up with your own commands such as saying "Seven-Up" to mean that each partner has to come to the middle and give the other partner a high five. The last pair standing wins.

Odd One Out
For this game, bring everyone to the center of the room with music playing and tell them to dance. Periodically stop the music and yell out a number. Everyone must quickly get into groups of that exact number. Anyone left standing alone is out. Change the number randomly from small to large to keep the guests on their toes.

In a scavenger hunt game, each player is seated in a circle in the middle of the room. The emcee of the game yells out the name of an object, such as a driver's license or credit card. Everyone gets out of their chairs and runs around the room trying to find that object. They can simply search the room or ask the people in the room that are not playing the game for the objects. The emcee needs to be sure there is a possibility of the items actually being in the room before calling them out. While everyone is looking for the designated object, a chair is removed from the circle. The last player back with the object does not have a seat and therefore is out. The last person remaining wins.
  For this game you will need more than one prize as this is for teams.  Cards with pieces of pictures or Bar Mitzvah theme pictures are passed out to all players.  These cards are like puzzle pieces; one player once players find the correct pieces it will complete the picture.  The players must find their own team of people by matching up these cards or pieces to complete the picture.  The first team that completes there picture and ALL of the team returns to the designated area with the completed picture will be deemed the winner.

Mummy Wrap
Needed -Toilet Paper, Crepe Paper Streamers
To Play -Divide the kids into pairs, with one the Mummy and the other the Mummy Wrapper. Give each wrapper a roll of toilet paper or crepe paper streamer. On the word "Go!" have the wrappers race to see who can wrap up their mummy first. The game is tricky because the faster they try to wrap, the more the tissue will tear, causing them to keep restarting!